Title Sequence idea

Our title sequence idea is to create a yearbook which is opened by all the conventional characters that are seen in teen comedy dramas, for example 'the jock', 'the elite', 'the freak' and 'the nerds'. The title sequence will show all of these characters opening the yearbook and showing the audience their school photos whilst also showing pages such as prom day and graduation day. When creating the title sequence we need to make sure that it is very conventional, this is so it looks as realistic as possible, without the right costume and props the title sequence will not be as effective. When creating the sequence it is crucial for us to add in bright bold colours throughout the yearbook so the audience are aware that it is a high school film.

Monday, 29 February 2016

The 'Elite' Scene

Today me, Jazmine, Bronte went out to under the shelters to film where the elite group open the book, the 'elite' group include Me acting as the main 'popular' girl, Ella bradford and Ellie Whelan being shown throughout the sequence as my sidekicks. Under the shelter we filmed Me sitting on a bench opening up the yearbook, with Ella Bradford. Once filming the scenes me being the editor had to go back and edit this into our Sequence. When editing i had to over lap the shots of the girls at their yearbook photos with the shots of them opening the yearbook, although i was able to do this it is very hard to enable this to look how we all want it to look, this is due to if their is a slight move from the camera the yearbook opening moves with it allowing the yearbook photo shots to stay where they are, this then enables them to become of target which doesn't look good within the sequence, as we have  a couple weeks left to do our sequence we are still trying to think of a way of filming that will allow this fault not to happen.

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