Title Sequence idea

Our title sequence idea is to create a yearbook which is opened by all the conventional characters that are seen in teen comedy dramas, for example 'the jock', 'the elite', 'the freak' and 'the nerds'. The title sequence will show all of these characters opening the yearbook and showing the audience their school photos whilst also showing pages such as prom day and graduation day. When creating the title sequence we need to make sure that it is very conventional, this is so it looks as realistic as possible, without the right costume and props the title sequence will not be as effective. When creating the sequence it is crucial for us to add in bright bold colours throughout the yearbook so the audience are aware that it is a high school film.

Friday, 26 February 2016


Editing has become one of the hardest aspects about our title sequence, due to us needing every video to fit perfectly within the video to give it a real life effect. As the characters open up the yearbook we have not only overlapped the videos onto the yearbook we had to also overlap images that were found online, for example on the geek page due to us not being able to find another geek to use, we had to find something that would feel the green square that was placed within the yearbook, after discussing it with my group we came to the conclusion of adding in a 'headboy' not only did this allow us to feel in the space however it had also fitted perfectly with the Geek character and the colour scheme which allowed it to have a real life effect.

On the graduation page overlapping had to also be done, this was due to there being a black space at the bottom of the page, we wanted the yearbook to look as pact as possible, therefore finding something to cover the blank space had become crucial, after having a discussion with my group we came to the conclusion that adding in the dates the pupils started and finished their school years at Welling High would be a nice aspect to add in, which like the head boy page had fitted perfectly within the page.

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