Title Sequence idea

Our title sequence idea is to create a yearbook which is opened by all the conventional characters that are seen in teen comedy dramas, for example 'the jock', 'the elite', 'the freak' and 'the nerds'. The title sequence will show all of these characters opening the yearbook and showing the audience their school photos whilst also showing pages such as prom day and graduation day. When creating the title sequence we need to make sure that it is very conventional, this is so it looks as realistic as possible, without the right costume and props the title sequence will not be as effective. When creating the sequence it is crucial for us to add in bright bold colours throughout the yearbook so the audience are aware that it is a high school film.

Saturday, 12 March 2016


When choosing our music for our sequence, Me, Jazmine  and Bronte were all certain on wanting a sound track with no vocals as this may take away the audiences attention to the visuals however finding a track that helps applause the visuals within the sequence. With the help of the questionnaire which was on my blog i had came to the conclusion with the rest of my group that the best song that fits with the sequence and its pace is 'happy-rock'. We decided on happy-rock not only because it got the most views but because we believed it fitted in the most with the sequence and its pace.

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