Title Sequence idea

Our title sequence idea is to create a yearbook which is opened by all the conventional characters that are seen in teen comedy dramas, for example 'the jock', 'the elite', 'the freak' and 'the nerds'. The title sequence will show all of these characters opening the yearbook and showing the audience their school photos whilst also showing pages such as prom day and graduation day. When creating the title sequence we need to make sure that it is very conventional, this is so it looks as realistic as possible, without the right costume and props the title sequence will not be as effective. When creating the sequence it is crucial for us to add in bright bold colours throughout the yearbook so the audience are aware that it is a high school film.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

The Elite page -

The Elite page-
The Elite girls had the shading of pink throughout their yearbook page, the typography was pink, their characters boarders were in the shading of pink and the stickers on the page were pink also. The shade pink was used to show their girly, outgoing personalities. We had a pink heart set in the middle of Ellie and Ella's images and underneath them they had a sticker say "perfect" I cherish the "perfect" sticker as it states they are the prominent young ladies and are superior to anything whilst also representing their sassy personalities, which is additionally how they are appeared in American secondary school movies. At that point underneath Emma Roberts picture it say "Queen B" with a crown above it, this shows she the primary 'bitch' whilst being above her side kicks. Although we did represent the Elite girls as pretty and perfect we also wanted to add the Queen B typography to allow the audience to become identified with their bitchy characteristics and although they may look pretty and innocent their personalities are far from this.

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